3 Rules you didn't know to Best Enjoy Burgundy Wine

Burgundy wines are the lesser known cousins of French wine, and when it comes to drinking them the usual wine rules follow; however there are subtleties when it comes to drinking them.

1) Serve Burgundy wines cool

The wine must be served cool (around 18 degrees) in an air-conditioned environment

source: Homestone

The Burgundy wines is very delicate and the surrounding environment must be low in humidity.  The water vapour will affect the balance of the wine and make the wine taste sour.

2) Wash the wine glass before use

Source: KRCdesigns

All wine glasses even if they look clean will attract fungus after a few days. The fungus reacts badly with wine and give off very unpleasant aromas. Do rinse the glass with water and wipe with a clean lint free cloth before use.

3) Avoid Decanting

Where possible, pull the cork and let it air for at least an hour in the bottle before serving but avoid decanting.

All good burgundy wines should be allowed to breathe in the bottle using the slow oxygenation technique; just pull the cork and leave it standing in a cool place like the wine cellar.

Burgundy wines are very delicate and some cannot take the rough treatment of decanting.

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August 22, 2015 written by Coleman Seet 0 comments