2 Tools you need to add Fun to your Wine Tasting Event

Blinding tasting wine is the ability to recognise a wine whose identity has been concealed. It's an activity that can be fun, mysterious and educational depending on its audience: Novices join out of curiosity, enthusiasts go to more and more tasting events to broaden their taste palettes.

We love wine tasting events because it's a common interest to get all wine lovers to get closer to their glasses. There's always lots of chatter whether one intends to interact or not.

It may seem like hard work, to plan a tasting event, and there's always the pre-event shudder the host gets fearing that guests don't enjoy themselves as they should, so we thought we'd share some tips that have always lightened the mood and helped move the tannins in the air along.

1. Artistic and fun Wine Sleeves

In any blind tasting, the bottles would have to be well, concealed. Typically the host would cover them up with plain sleeves or numbered sleeves that are easily obtainable from wine stores, but we recommend that you invest in these cute wine sleeves.


They area great conversation starter, and really pretty to look it. Never a dull moment in your tastings!

2. Laminated Blind Tasting Cards At every wine tasting party you host, you need score cards for your guests to keep track of the wines they have tasted, as well as make commentaries on them. This allows them to go back to their notes and identify the wine later at the end of the session. It's not uncommon to get 'open' blind cards like these below: But we find what really helps our guests (especially for novices) to discuss would be to set criteria within their score cards, such as appearance and aroma. To take it a step further, we recommend that you laminate these score cards as table mats!

August 18, 2015 written by Coleman Seet 0 comments